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Book Your Prom Sash Order

Prom and school leavers sashes seem to be getting more and more popular and more and more risky each year. What ever happened to the good old Prom King and Queen are they dead? Don't fear we've got them coved with some great prom sash double packs always instock for fast dispatch and to help schools keep costs to a minimum.

We’ve seen just about every title possible over the years but nothing makes us laugh more each summer than when we receive lists from students for their school prom awards. Some of funniest awards ordered so far in 2016 have been.....”Mr LunchBox”, “Biggest Quiff”, “Dirty Shoes”, “Most visible underwear ”.

However sticking with tradition here are some of the more popular titles to get you started...

Cutest couple, best hair, most hard working, gossip girl, rear of the year, most athletic, teacher’s pet, most artistic, best smile and best bromance.

You can also go crazy with the ‘most likely to’ titles, such as...

most likely to be famous, most likely to be on Jeremy Kyle, most likely to become a WAG, most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket, most likely to be Prime Minister etc.

So, get planning, pre-book your prom sash order and make it the best prom ever!